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The Best Eye Makeup Tutorials


eyeliner — you hardly ever really forget the first-time you select up this wonder pencil. Since that time, a few of you have grown to be experts — flicking shaded cat sight and double-decking like advantages — while some haven’t managed to graduate much further since that first fateful try out (no common sense). To assist you up your eyeliner game and switch your squiggles to clean, streamlined lines, we considered
Lanc?me nationwide make-up designer Ricardo Costales
for his no-fail technique compared to that perfect line.
Gel or cream eyeliner An eyeliner clean A smudging clean OR Lanc?me Dual-End Liner & Smudger – Clean #24
1. Dot It:
Costales says to utilize the pointed part of the eyeliner clean and a cream or gel eyeliner to make a type of dots as close as you can to your higher lash line.
2. Connect It:
Taking the smudging part, combine the dots alongside one another to generate one simple, unified heart stroke: “I assure any person who have trouble making a direct series will be a specialist in using eyeliner [with this method],” he says.
3. Flair It:
To include a vibrant flair, Costales says to part a tiny amount of any excellent eye darkness above your eyeliner for a pop of color. And there you own it — a connect-the-dots eyeliner technique to use for just about any eye shape!




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